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What is Bai Phom?

Phom is a popular and interesting card game in Vietnamese folk. Played with a regular deck of cards, this game requires thinking, calculation and strategy from the player. Phom can be played by 2 to 4 people, creating a challenging and exciting environment.

Phom is a form of card game where players will face each other, becoming each other’s “rivals”. The person with the most decks of cards and the fewest points wins. The rules of the Phom card game will make you extremely excited.

Origin of Phom song

The exact origin of Phom has not been clearly verified. However, there is a theory that it originated from China and was then brought to Vietnam through trade and cultural exchange. This game has become an indispensable part of Vietnamese culture and daily life.

Phom card game has been considered a family game and is popular at meetings, socializing with friends and special events. It is not only entertaining but also creates connection and cohesion between family and community members.

Over time, Phom has become a popular game not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries around the world. There are many variations of this game, depending on local culture and regulations.

In Phom, the player’s main goal is to clear all the cards in their hand and form valid decks. Each deck is made up of 3 or more cards, depending on the specific variation. Players can arrange cards in numerical order or in sequential order of color.

Rules of Phom card game

Phom card game rules may have some variations depending on the rules of some bookmakers, but they have general principles. Below is a description of the Phom game rules according to some common rules:

  • Initial draw and arrangement: Each player receives 9 initial cards and must arrange them into valid decks. Players can choose to draw cards from the pile of undealt cards or from the pile of cards dealt from previous turns.
  • Forming a Phom deck: The player’s goal is to form valid decks from the cards in hand. A valid deck of cards is a set of cards with the same number or the same color and arranged in ascending order.
  • Play cards and pins: Players can play cards from their hand to release junk cards. When playing cards, players must pay attention to the decks on the table and try to avoid creating valid decks for their opponents. When a player runs out of cards, he is pegged and the score of the remaining cards in his opponent’s hand is calculated for him.
  • Score and victory: In the game Phom, players are scored based on the number of cards remaining in hand after one player closes. The player with the lowest score after many games will win.

Experiences in playing Phom cards

To become a successful Phom player, consider the following experiences and tips:

Smart card placement strategy

Consider and stack your cards intelligently to create decks that are legal but don’t evoke obvious feelings from your opponents. Arranging cards so that they are difficult to predict and make it difficult for opponents to play is a smart strategy in Phom.
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Analyze your opponent’s Phom cards

When playing Phom, pay attention to the cards that your opponent has drawn or played. If you realize that your opponent has locked a certain deck, consider whether to play that deck or not. If you hit your opponent’s deck, they won’t be able to latch and you can hinder their progress.

Use “camouflage” cards

A popular technique in Phom is the use of “disguised” cards. This is when you keep an unnecessary card or deck in your hand so that when you play it, it gives the impression that you are playing another deck. This can cause difficulty and confusion for your opponents, causing them to not know exactly what deck you are creating.

Take advantage of the extra cards

In case you have unnecessary cards in your hand, take advantage of them to attack your opponent’s deck. This not only helps reduce the number of cards in hand but also puts more pressure on the opponent. At the same time, playing out unimportant cards also helps you keep important and necessary cards for future moves.

Cover and block cards

When your opponent plays a card, see if you can play a card to cover it. This means you play a card of higher value or consecutive color to block your opponent from playing the next card. This helps you take control and regain the upper hand in the game.

Remember your opponent’s cards

Observing and remembering the cards your opponents play is an important skill in Phom. If you realize that your opponent is playing cards that are essential to their deck, consider not playing that deck. Instead, find ways to block cards and make things difficult for your opponent by playing other cards.

Pay attention to the order of playing cards

In Phom, the order of playing cards can significantly affect the outcome of the game. Please consider carefully when it is your turn to play cards. Sometimes, playing cards earlier can create surprise and discomfort for your opponent. Meanwhile, playing cards later can help you track your opponent’s cards and attack effectively.

Use support articles

In your hand, there may be cards that do not belong to the main deck, but can support your deck. Use these cards wisely to create valid decks and increase your chances of winning. You can use them to create your next deck, as extra cards, or to cover your opponent’s cards.

Be patient and focused

In every game, patience and concentration are important factors. In Phom, sometimes you may encounter unfavorable times with unsuitable cards. Be patient and wait for good opportunities. Focus on your opponent’s cards and find ways to take advantage of them to win.


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