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Cock Fighting Betting Jun88 always receives countless compliments from players who have participated in the experience because of its attractiveness and appeal. However, many new players still do not understand the basic information about this type of betting. Accompany Nhà Cái Jun88 Explore the attractive Da Ga playground right away.

A brief introduction to traditional Cockfighting betting Jun88

Cock Fighting Betting Jun88 is an entertainment product where bettors can both enjoy super classic matches and get bonuses when betting on fighting cocks. Here you will learn about the match history as well as all the parameters of the cock before placing a bet. That’s why players can choose the right chicken for themselves to win.

Moreover, if you bet on Cockfighting at this playground, customers can be completely assured because the matches are broadcast live in a clear and transparent manner. After carefully analyzing the strength and weakness and the possibility of winning or losing, the bettor will put down money for the chicken he wants. If you win after the match, the money will automatically be transferred to the player’s account.

Not only that, customers who have questions or need answers are quickly handled by the staff here. This contributes to bringing the most comfortable moments of experience to players.

At the playground Jun88 There are all kinds of matches and types of Cockfighting. The tournaments are live from major cockfighting arenas in the world such as Thomo or the Philippines. Players just need to choose a reasonable bet amount and choose their favorite match to deposit money. The dealer will take care of all the remaining operations for you.

Extremely attractive Cock Fighting betting rules at Jun88

To have a great betting experience and bring big wins to yourself, players first need to clearly understand the rules of the game. Below is some basic information you need to keep in mind.

Pre-match preparation rules

This is a very important step to check whether the cocks are eligible to compete or not. Before starting the cockfighting match, the organizer will check the fighting cocks to see if their health is normal or not. Below is a summary of some cocks that did not meet the competition conditions.

  • When checking, if the referee discovers that the cock is using drugs to stimulate competition, he will be immediately disqualified. These cases will be strictly punished and will never be allowed to register again.
  • Next are cases where the cocks are physically exhausted and still register to compete. The organizers will consider it as cheating by selling the prize to another team, so they will be disqualified.

Basic rules of the game during competition

Normally, a Cockfighting betting match will take place within 5 – 10 minutes or until one of the two cocks is eliminated. The rules of the game are simple as follows, the player will bet on 1 of 3 main bets as follows: Wala (bet on the away team’s cock), Meron (bet on the bookie’s cock) and BBD if you think the final result It’s a tie.

In Cockfighting betting Jun88, the amount of bonus paid will be based on the player’s odds and bet level. In case of losing the bet, the bettor will lose the initial bet amount.

At the beginning of the game, the two chickens will fight each other to see which cock is the strongest. Below are some cases that will result in a loss in a Cockfight.

  • Next, after fighting, if a rooster is injured, the referee will come to check and evaluate. If that rooster still has enough strength to fight and gives up, it will be forfeited and the result will be the same if that rooster cannot continue to fight anymore.
  • Finally, in the case of a fight where a rooster dies on the ring. Of course, the winning cock will be the living cock.

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Experience in choosing cocks when betting on Cockfights Jun88 

This is one of the secrets to help players win Cockfighting betting Jun88. Below are some experiences shared by experts that help players win big bonuses:

  • Before placing a bet, you need to carefully look at the chicken’s parameters: Observing the body to be able to evaluate the overall strength of the chicken is extremely important. Chickens with big and strong legs will be given priority because these chickens certainly have a very high winning rate.
  • See the technique and fighting style of each cock: A little advice for Cock Fighting bettors Jun88 Priority should be given to choosing chickens with high endurance and fast speed. Because this is an important factor to win Cockfight.
  • It is possible to fight a strong cock, but if you have to fight many consecutive matches, you must carefully consider your ability to continue fighting. Because any chicken, after fighting many battles, will lose a significant amount of physical strength and may be injured a lot. You need to be very alert before choosing.

So above is all the information about Cockfighting betting Jun88 that you need to refer to. Hopefully this article can help you choose a lucky cock and successfully return to shore.

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