The SIMPLE way to play Keno lottery to win at  Jun88

Keno lottery is one of the popular forms of lottery play around the world, especially at bookmakers. The game not only brings you thrilling moments of entertainment but also gives players a large amount of money when they win. SoHow to play Keno lottery to win how? Let’s trang chủ jun88 Answer this question to increase your chances of winning the game!

Overview of Keno lottery

As one of the lottery products released not long ago, the game is currently available at most bookmakers. And one of the reputable bookmakers that you can join is Jun88 club. Keno lottery is a form of super-fast lottery play with 1 draw every 10 minutes. This is a lottery product with extremely diverse ways to win prizes. In addition to playing in Level format, Keno can also be played in Even/Odd or Big/Small format.

Keno lottery is interesting in predicting the results of random numbers. Although the game depends a lot on luck, players can apply many strategies that we are about to share below to increase the probability of winning!

How to play Keno lottery at  Jun88 Club

For Keno lottery, players can choose 1 of 3 ways to play including the basic way to play, the even – odd way, the big – small way. To find the winner, the game will conduct a lottery to select 20 numbers to retrieve the prizes. Depending on the way of playing, the prize will be different.

Step 1: Choose number

First of all, players need to choose the number of numbers you want to play. Normally, you can choose from 1 to 20 numbers out of a total of 80 numbers.

Normally, a game will allow players to choose more or less than 20 numbers, but 20 is still the most popular number. In addition, if players do not want to choose numbers themselves, they can choose Quick Pick to randomly select numbers.

Step 2: Place a bet

Players need to decide how much they want to bet each round.

Bet levels may vary depending on the bookmaker.

Step 3: Wait for results

After choosing numbers and placing bets, the dealer will draw a series of numbers. The winning level will depend on the number of numbers the player initially predicted. After drawing, the results of each round will be displayed on the screen. Players can check the number of winning numbers and the amount the player wins.

Detailed instructions on how to play each type of Keno lottery

As mentioned, Keno lottery has 3 ways to play that you can choose from. Below we will give detailed instructions on how to play each type of lottery in the most detailed way!

Instructions for playing basic lottery

Players can choose a set of numbers from 1 to 10 to participate in the prize. For example: 03; 03, 43, 56, 30; 09, 32,23, 45, 56.

Prize structure: Keno will basically divide prizes based on 2 factors. Firstly, the number of numbers that the player has chosen. Second, among the numbers that the player chooses, how many numbers match the drawn prize?

Instructions for playing even and odd Keno lottery

Players only need to bet on even or odd when buying Keno lottery.

Prize structure: When the dealer displays the results of 20 numbers, it will be divided into even and odd numbers. If among the 20 numbers there are 15 even or 15 odd numbers, the prize will be 210. If among the 20 numbers there are 13 – 14 even or odd numbers, the player will receive a prize of 40k.

Instructions for playing large and small lotteries

Players only need to choose Large or Small when buying tickets. Players can choose numbers from 01 – 40 in the range of numbers from 41 to 80.

Prize structure: When there are results, the house will divide them into 2 types: big and small. If out of 20 numbers, there are 13 or less lin61 numbers, the player will receive a prize of 56k. If only from the odd even ratio of 10-10, 11-9, 12-8, the player will not win any prize.

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Standard keno lottery playing experience does not need to be adjusted

To predict the easiest lottery numbers to win, players need to equip themselves with some of the following experience:

  • First, refer to the frequency of numbers appearing in the most recent drawing, because usually those numbers have a high probability of repetition. Therefore, just pay attention to which numbers have appeared, there is a high possibility that they will appear again.
  • Second, consult and learn from experts. You can follow the forums to learn how to choose numbers from experts and experienced players to grasp the rules!

The above article is information about How to play keno lottery to win that we want to send to you. Hopefully the above information will help players better understand how to play this type of lottery!

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