What is the 0.5 1/2 handicap? How to determine win or loss

What is the 0.5 1/2 handicap – Also known as the familiar half-left handicap in soccer betting. This is one of the popular odds in the Asian handicap system.

What is the 0.5 1/2 handicap?

What is the 0.5 1/2 handicap – That means the upper team will handicap the lower team by 0.5 points. The upper team must beat the lower team by 1 goal or more to be considered a winner and receive ½ of the bet.

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In case the upper team wins by 2 goals or more, the handicap bettor will win the full bet.

This ½ odds often appears in matches with two opposing teams with differences in strength and performance. The house will give a team with real strength and a squad with more advantages to become the favorite team and vice versa.

The symbols of the handicap team and the handicapped team on the ½ left handicap table are as follows:

  • +0.5: Symbol of the underdog team with half-left handicap.
  • -0.5: The team above has a half-left handicap.

For those who regularly participate in soccer betting, they will be interested in this bet because it is easy to play and easy to win. Bookmakers often denote the left half handicap on the handicap table as 0.5, so many people rely on that to identify it.

Determine the win or loss in the 0.5 1/2 bet

Many people who participate in soccer betting think that picking ½ odds is difficult, but if you put in the effort to learn, the winning rate increases significantly. During the process of betting, players need to master the following 3 possible situations:

Case Detail
🟢 Case 1 If the upper team wins with any score, the team catcher will win and receive the entire bet amount. Otherwise, they lose all the money they bet previously.
🟢 Case 2 The underdog wins regardless of the score. People betting on this team will receive the entire bet. However, they will lose the entire bet if the result is the opposite.
🟢 Case 3 If the two teams tie with any score, the person catching the upper team will lose all bets. If you bet on the lower team, you will win and receive the entire bet amount.

Factors affecting the results when playing 1/2 handicap

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The brothers researched carefully and in detail, but the final result of the match was still affected by unpredictable objective factors. Here are some factors that affect the results when participating in a 1/2 handicap, specifically:

  • Current position of 2 teams on the rankings oftrang game New88 shows that the strength of the teams is relative.
  • Another important factor that cannot be ignored when playing handicapping is home or away field. Having to play on the opponent’s field will affect the match results due to unfamiliar climate and weather conditions.
  • The crowd effect, the cheers from the fans, also increases the home team’s performance and helps them win.

Notes to keep in mind when looking at 1/2 handicap odds at New88

Not only do you clearly understand what the 0.5 1/2 handicap is when betting at New88, you need to pay attention to the following important things:

  • Finding out information about the two teams before the match will help players have an objective view of the strength, competition history, form, playing philosophy, and goals of the two teams.
  • When betting on a half-left handicap, the player wins or loses the entire bet amount. Therefore, players should not go all-in and should pay attention to the risk level of this handicap. Maybe the 0.5 handicap will be higher than other types.
  • Updating information surrounding the team is extremely important. Players need to use official information, with clear and specific sources.
  • You also need to know when to stop, absolutely do not make decisions based on inspiration or will. In some situations, the house reduces the handicap from 0.5 to 1.4, so players should pick the underdog team to increase their odds of winning.
  • Calmness and alertness are important factors that help players make wise and correct decisions for themselves.


The 0.5 1/2 handicap in soccer betting is not only simple and easy, it also brings a large winning rate, so it is chosen by many people.

Hopefully the above information will help players understand what the 0.5 1/2 handicap is? How to determine win or loss. Wishing you a wonderful betting moment at online bookmaker New88.

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