What is underdog? Instructions on how to beat the master most effectively

Boss is a quite popular way to play in online lottery. This method is loved by many lottery players. However, for new players, this concept is still quite vague. Today Nhà cái New88 I will introduce to you in more detail the concept of master under, as well as experiences on how to play effectively.

What is underdog? Overview of master fainting

Boss is a way to play in online lottery. You need to predict it to make the most accurate bet. If you want to win when playing, it is important that you clearly understand the main under as well as the current types of under.

This method has many ways to play. For newbies, you need to predict the last 2 numbers, and for experts, you need to predict the last 3 numbers. In Northern lottery, this way of playing is also known as 3-card. Playing 3-cards will be more difficult than playing two-handed or white-handed. Therefore, only experienced people can play well.

But there is one feature of the master underdog that is the extremely attractive bonus level. Therefore, it attracts more and more people to play. And there are many people who have been able to get rich from this form. Especially many members at the houseNew88 saw this as a playing method that could help them make money every day.

Current methods of playing faint

Currently, there are many forms of playing under. You need to carefully learn each way of playing to be able to apply it most accurately.

Bet under the main prize according to the lottery special prize results

This is a way of playing also known as playing special 3 sets. Those who play this form will predict the last 3 numbers of the special prize in the lottery results table. If your prediction is correct, the reward for you is extremely attractive.

Play under the master according to the head

This is a way of playing where the player will play the last 3 numbers of prize 7. This form is often applied in the Central and Southern lotteries but is not applied in the Northern lottery.

Knock out the owner who follows you

This form is also to play the last 3 numbers of the special prize. However, distinguishing this form from under the main, especially under the tail, is only for the Northern lottery, not applicable to the Central or the South.

Play under the main head and tail

This is the way to play where you will combine the head-under and the tail-under. With this way of playing, you will have to double your bet. However, your winning rate will also double. Ways to play like this require you to have experience in calculating to increase your chances of winning.

Beat the bag owner

This is the way to play that most people use because its win rate is quite high. You will have to predict the last 3 numbers in all prizes. For the northern station there will be 23 prizes, while the central and southern stations will have 17 prizes.

Experience in playing Underdog effectively

To win when playing this form requires you to have experience. This can be knowledge you gain yourself while playing or you can learn from experts.New88 will synthesize and send to you these playing experiences to help you win easily:

  • First, you need to choose the 2 numbers with the highest return rate that day. Then combine this 2-way lottery with a number that often comes up to get the under you want to bet on. For example, if you check the lottery and find out that the number 50 has a high chance of coming back. Then you can play 550, the return rate will be very high so you can win.
  • Learn from experience from veteran players. This is extremely important, because those with many years of experience may have good tips to help you win when playing. Combining your own experience with the experience of others will be very useful to play under the master.
  • Combine many lottery prediction methods together. This will help you choose the best numbers to play.

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Be careful when playing under the master

When playing under, to increase your winning rate you need to note the following:

  • When playing the underdog, you should pair your favorite lottery number with any number to play. This method will be extremely effective if you have an accurate prediction method.
  • Talking about the lottery is sometimes associated with luck. So it’s not always possible for you to play. You should only play on days when you predict effectively and are sure of winning.
  • You should not use the gambling method to play, because this method will be extremely expensive. You need to calculate carefully to ensure your profits.
  • And the last thing you need to pay careful attention to is choosing a reputable bookmaker to join. DealerNew88, will be a top choice that many people think of when participating in any online betting game.


Above is the knowledge about owner fainted as well as playing experience to help you win. You need to study carefully to be able to accurately apply these experiences. LotteryNew88 It will be an option not to be missed if you want to find a high-class bookmaker. Register to join us now for a chance to win extremely attractive rewards every day.

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