Why should You Invest in gaming industry?

Because of the enormous potential of mobile games, 2021 is a critical year for marketers. Diversification is more important than ever because social media ad costs go up after a year of people not knowing what to do. Traditional platforms like Google and Facebook have a lot of costs and are already full of people, which makes them bad choices for boosting ROAS. Many people think about marketing and don’t think about mobile games. People who try it soon realize that the channel has a lot of power.

This essay will say that marketers should be aware of how important mobile gaming is as a distribution method. On the to-do list:

The first thing your target audience does is play mobile games.

There have been many myths about mobile games and their players over the years. Some people thought that mobile games, like board games, were just for kids to play. The classic-gamer was made up by other people. They thought of a young man, usually a boy, who was very interested in a gaming group as a teenager or young adult. Some candy-crushing moms might come to mind because you’ve heard about industry rumors. In each of these clich├ęs, there is some truth to them, but mobile games are for everyone. More than a third of people who buy a smartphone within a week start playing games, and 43% of the time they spend on their phones is spent playing games. Almost half of all video game sales worldwide are made through mobile apps.People of all ages have been having fun with video games for years. We can’t get rid of games. Early computer games and early Nintendo and Atari models are very different from when they were made. They’ve come a long way. Pixelated graphics and limited sounds are a thing of the past because video games have become more realistic than ever before. Video games are only going to get better over time.

The process of making games has become more complex, and the cost of making an app for a big platform has risen as well. Today’s games can cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to make, which was never possible before. In terms of the costs of making and promoting games, this has moved them into the Hollywood movie area.

You can see why people are so excited about these products because they have a lot of fans. Mobile game media spending is expected to rise a lot in 2020, Business of Apps says, and that’s good news. In another way, mobile game developers saw these chances and jumped on them. To get more customers, more advertising money was spent by marketers. This is because the mobile gaming market has increased.

For the most part, then, mobile gamers are proving to be a lot more diverse than people think. A lot of people, not just kids, play with them. There is a wide range of people who like mobile games.

As a business, if you haven’t tried out in-game ads because you think mobile gamers aren’t your customers, you might want to think again. If you buy something in an app, you can’t get the same

People who play games on their phones are going to buy them.

Sensor Tower says that in 2020, people will spend $111 billion on mobile apps, and 71.7 percent of that money will be spent on games for phones and tablets. People who play games on their phones or tablets are an excellent target for advertising. You can reach a wide range of people who aren’t afraid to spend a few dollars in between rounds of battle royales or levels of their favorite match-3 game, as well as a large, diverse, and connected group.

If you haven’t played any mobile games yet, now is the time to get in on the fun. There are a lot of ad platforms that offer risk-free ads.

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