The Top PUBG e-sports Teams Across the Globe

Competitors in PUBG’s professional scene have been competing in regional events to get into the best leagues worldwide. As soon as PUBG Mobile came out, it became more than just a game for your phone. PIMCO, PMSC, PMCC, PMWL, and many other competitions have started because of esports in games like PUBG Mobile and other games that people play. They are a few of the best PUBG teams in the world.

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The Weibo team is here to help you out.

If you play PUBG Mobile Esports, you might have heard of ELG games. This team won over XQF at the PMCO 2019 Berlin trade show in Berlin (Now, Nova Esports). Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese microblogging site, has bought the same team, now called “Team Weibo,” and now calls them that. This team is on the same level as Nova Esports when it comes to being a good team. Team Weibo won the Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 and the Peacekeeper Elite League Invitational in the first year of the league and the first year. One of the best teams in PUBG is this group.

It’s the Zeus e-sports team.

Zeus Esports used to play in the wildcard section of the PMCO, but now they play in the South Asian pro league. Professionals played at the PMGC Season 0 Finals, and some of them were very good. They won the PMCO Wildcard regular tournament to qualify for the Global Championship. It was $100,000 for third place in the PMGC. This team has moved to the top of the PUBG Mobile team rankings in a short time.

It is the Nova e-sports.

When Nova XQF won PEL Season 2 of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, they showed how good they could be (PMGC). They are one of the best teams in PUBG Mobile Esports history. PUBG Mobile Esports team Nova Esports is one of the most well-known teams in the world right now. Their name was in the news after winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Spring Split 2019. Because of this, the team went on to win many important PUBG Mobile events in the next few months.

The Infinity 

This Thai team won the tournament and took home $30,000 in prize money. Thanks to four chicken dishes and almost twice as many kill points, this team won by more than 50 points over the second-place team. People from Thailand came in second and third at the end of the Pubg Mobile Pro League Thailand.

The Alpha 7 Esports Team.

For PUBG Mobile in July 2020, one of the best teams in Brazil is A7 eSports, and they will play. They will join the team in January 2021. Carrilho and SenaTexa will be there then. It was a good year for Team A7 esports. They won the PUBG Mobile Masters League S13 – Americas Edition and finished sixth in the PUBG Mobile Pro League S1 2021: Americas Championship, held this year.

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NatusVincere, an esports team from Ukraine, is known for its expertise in various games. PUBG Mobile launched in October 2020, and managers like OldBoy and Glory were hired to run the game when it came out. Without a doubt, one of the best teams in EMEA. They won the PUBG Mobile Pro League – S1 2021: EMEA Championship. The prize pool was USD 40,000. Besides Bigetron RA and RRQ, Athena came in fourth place in the Pubg Mobile Global Championship season 0.

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