EA Sports Cricket 07: The Series won’t be continuing further

EA Sports has broken all of the fans’ hopes, waiting for a new and better version of EA Sports Cricket Game for a long time. It was four years ago that Andrew Wilson told Game-planet that this year, “We re-launched SSX and we sent off FIFA Street, two items that we haven’t finished for a long time that both returned to basic approbation with amazing discounts, both emphasized innovative play on both fronts.”


The game changed PC gaming in 2007 by letting people play with the sport and the game’s mechanics in ways they never thought possible. People who play games for EA always had a good time when they saw Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble play sports.


Putting an end to all the rumors and rumors that they were going to bring back the series, EA Sports’ vice-president said that Cricket was no longer a priority.

Asked by Gameplanet in an interview four years ago: “Well, this year we brought back SSX and FIFA Street, both of which we haven’t done in a long time, and both of which both came back to critical acclaim and sold very well. They both had creative gameplay on both sides.”

Cricket isn’t a big deal for EA Sports right now, but the company is always looking at the market and looking for new ways to give fans new things to do.

However, there is a glimmer of hope that Mr. Wilson said that he would like to revisit EA Sports Cricket in a different setting based on market conditions. He also said that he still loves the game and would like to play it again.

A look back at the game’s history.

Cricket 96 was the first game in the series. It was made by Melbourne House and distributed by EA Sports. The 1996 version of Super International Cricket, a 1994 game for the Super Nintendo, had many new things added. It was called International Cricket 96 in Europe instead of Cricket 96.


Cricket 97 had better graphics, three-dimensional stadiums, and commentary from Richie Benaud and Ian Botham, which helped the game grow. However, the look of the characters stayed the same, with two-dimensional sprites instead of three-dimensional models.

If you want to play EA Sports Cricket, you have to buy this one. It didn’t matter that there were a lot of significant changes in the game, such as new locations and weather conditions, or that there were five-day Test matches. EA Sports also lost the rights to many teams, so generic player names were used instead.


Why did the cricket match end without a fight?

Only one game of Cricket was made by EA Sports: Cricket 2007. No one is surprised that the EA Sports cricket series hasn’t been around anymore because of all the improvements that have been made to sports video games.


It’s possible to get a sense of how far sports games have come in terms of sleek controls and realistic simulations by comparing FIFA 08 and FIFA 16. EA Sports made both. Cricket 2007 is nothing compared to that. It’s now just a sad piece of our collective gaming history.


Because Cricket isn’t as famous worldwide as football, the show had to be canceled. South Asia was the primary market for the EA Sports cricket game, even though it was trendy in England, Australia, and New Zealand. However, because of all the piracy in these places, they didn’t make money they thought they would from the show.


Problems got worse when EA Sports couldn’t work out a legal dispute with the BCCI and lost the rights to Indian players. The cricket series was doomed to fail from the start because it had a small fan base and a small market.


This agreement is ending because there are only ten major cricketing countries left. It’s the business model that people in India, Australia, and England are most excited about and want to use it. The team can’t benefit from this game if it doesn’t happen in person.



As a side note, a couple of years ago, the organization was in a legal fight with the BCCI and lost the ability to let Indian players play for them. Diversion in the Indian market came to an end because of this change. The group can’t make money in England and Australia because of their large populations. As a last resort, they decided to stop setting up cricket games.



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