What is handicap 1.0? Instructions on how to play most effectively

Handicap 1.0 is one of the popular types of bets when playing soccer betting. Many people often like to play this bet when the house offers it. It helps increase diversity for students participating in this subject. Moreover, this is also a type of bet that is easy to read and play. Today Nhà cái New88 I will introduce to you in detail how to play as well as the experience of playing handicap 1.0 effectively.

Learn about handicap 1.0

To make it easier for you to understand, this bet is also called the 1-shot handicap. This bet belongs to the Asian handicap, also known as Handicap handicap. Usually in matches where there is a difference in level between the two teams, bookmakers often offer this bet to create balance in the betting unit. This handicap will help players better understand the nature of the match or determine the difference in level of the two teams.

Explain how to calculate handicap 1.0

This bet is given by the house in case the upper team is rated higher and the lower team handicaps by 1 goal. When the match ends, 3 cases will occur and are calculated as follows:

– Case 1: the favorite team wins by 2 goals or more. At this time, the team that bets on the top will win the entire bet. The underdog team loses all bets.

– Case 2: the upper team wins by 1 goal against the lower team. In this case, the house will refund bets to both players who bet on the upper and lower teams.

– Case 3: 2 teams draw or the underdog wins. Then the player who bets on the underdog team will win enough money. As for the top team, they lost enough money.

To better understand this bet, please follow the following example:

In case two teams X and Y compete, in which team X is rated higher by the house and handicaps team Y by 1 goal. If you join the 1.0 handicap of this match and bet on team X with a bet of 100k. When the match ends, the following cases will be calculated:

  • If team X beats team Y by 2 goals or more, you will win 100k.
  • If team X wins Y by 1 goal, then the house will refund your money.
  • If the two teams tie or team Y wins over team X, you will lose the bet.

How to play handicap 1.0 New88

To play this bet at the houseNew88 in particular and other types of football bets in general, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: You register an account at the house.

Step 2: Once you have registered, please log inNew88 and start depositing money into your account.

Step 3: Now you choose the sports sectionNew88 to play. When you come here, you will see the bookmaker listing the matches that are bet on to play. If you like the 1.0 handicap, you can choose matches with this handicap to bet on.

After placing a bet, you can watch the match for entertainment and also help you have a more thrilling experience with your betting decisions. When the match ends, if you predict correctly, you will win the house New88 reward.

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Experience playing handicap 1.0 New88 effective

When you play soccer betting in general and 1.0 handicap in particular, you must have experience and certain knowledge to be able to win the bet:

  • Before the matches take place, you should read the bookmakers’ odds and opinions to have a more accurate view of the match.
  • If the upper team is highly rated and also has home field advantage, then you should immediately choose this team to bet.
  • If the underdog team is the home team, don’t rush to choose, but research the two teams in detail to make the most accurate decision.
  • If the two teams have the same level, then you should analyze the two teams to determine the playing style of each team. If the teams have strong playing styles, why not choose them?
  • Please pay attention to the fluctuations in the odds of the match before it takes place. These odds are often changed by bookmakers to deceive players. In case the bet changes to a handicap of 0.5, please choose the lower team to bet.


Above are detailed information about Handicap 1.0 in soccer betting. You can participate in this bet at many bookmakers. In there New88 is a playground worth participating in. Hopefully the above experiences will help you play effectively with your own choices.

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